E-commerce in the United States

E-commerce in the United States

    E-commerce in the United States

    insights into the growth of u.s. e-commerce with payment methods, goal audiences, marketing, social media, economy, and logistics all profiled

    us are domestic to 323. thirteen million humans with a total GDP of 18.57 trillion USD and is ranked as the second richest united states of America, consistent with the arena bank GDP in keeping with capita rankings. us's GDP in step with capita is presently fifty-eight,952 used and is anticipated to reach sixty-seven,238 USD by way of 2021.

    virtual consumer insights

    there are currently 203. ninety-six million e-commerce customers in us, with a further 26.09 million customers expected to be purchased online through 2021. four years from now, these 230.05 million e-commerce users will spend an average of 2,109.forty USD online.

    dividing net utilization into age corporations gives a higher picture of the USA e-commerce marketplace – 89% of 16-24 year-olds, 95% of 25-34 12 months-olds and ninety-two % of 35-forty four 12 months-olds go online each day. the older generations additionally go online regularly with forty five-54 yr-olds and over 55s showing 84% and seventy-six % daily penetration rate, respectively.

    product categories

    overall united states of America's e-commerce sales across all product classes are 353. sixty-nine billion USD and is predicted to grow to 485.27 billion USD by 2021. electronics & media is currently the main product class in America, accounting for 95.62 billion USD marketplace percentage, accompanied through toys, interest & diy, which generates 76. forty-eight billion USD in income.

    by means of 2021, electronics & media will still be the most bought online category, with an envisioned price of 130.10 billion USD, and the second favorite, toys, hobby & diy, may have an expected worth of 106. fifty-two billion USD.


    in 2016, the USA turned into ranked tenth in the international financial institution logistics ranking.

    favored online bills

    fifty-five % of Yankee consumers opt to use credit score playing cards online, as compared to twenty-five% who like PayPal.

    where does the us buy from?

    china materials the us with 457 billion USD in imports – ranging from vehicles to computer systems. the united states' different key import companions are Mexico (291 billion USD), Canada (288 billion USD), Japan (128 billion USD) and Germany (122 billion USD).

    Internet and device usage

    Internet penetration within us is presently 83% and must attain 85.eight% by 2021. telephone penetration is a little less (sixty-eight.four%), but is projected to grow to 78.8% in the subsequent 4 years.

    81% of online customers in America purchase via laptop, a stark assessment of the amount of cellphone (10%) and tablet (6%) shoppers.


    general advertising and marketing spending in the USA have risen in recent years, as advertisers make investments extra in virtual advertising. in 2016, 80.3 billion USD become spent on tv commercials in us.

    social media

    sixty-four. 18% of Americans are energetic month-to-month social community users, thanks to youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and messenger, which can be the main social networks.
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